Amelia holder of mira daxus and deamon

Amelia Heartfillian 


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in the book, her personality is brave, smart and bubbly which to many reasons make people think she is cute when she acts like that wich makes her annoyed at them  especially Aron 



she has dark  blue hair which goes past her shoulders her eyes which are hazel brown  with specks of green in it her hair is mainly left down but when training it is in a fishtail braid 

main outfit Edit

her training  outfit consists of  brown and red  flannel        a purple tank top dark wash shorts black thigh  high boots  

her pj's consists of brown dressing gown purple pajama bottoms / shorts  dark blue sports bra and black knee high slippers

her fitness outfit consists of black leather jacket dark blue tank top brown undershirt purple trainers

her casual outfit consists of brown  leather jacket   dark wash shorts purple tank top grey undershirt and blue knee high boots